Potential of GPT4, US v. China 'racing dynamics' and Runway Gen-2
Understanding images with AI, Image Aesthetics, Google's Innovator's Dilemma and quotes from both episodes.
PLUS: AI Doomerism, Nathan's second master thread, notable quotes and full transcript!
Today's 90% drop on ChatGPT API – aka gpt-3.5-turbo – is another before & after moment in AI
PLUS: Nathan's epic master thread on AI in 2023, show notes/notable quotes and "homework" for our next episode.
GPT4, the start of The Great Implementation, a move from Generative to Productive AI, OpenAI's safety & growth strategies, and the future of work.
PLUS: Reddit user breaks down our interview, show notes / notable quotes and a look ahead to our next episode.
PLUS why we started this podcast, is the pace of AI too fast? and Sam Altman's downside case for AI.
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The Cognitive Revolution